Nuria Reed Yoga

Nuria is a yoga teacher extraordinaire in Santa Barbara, California. She teaches from the heart and her mission is to assist others in the realization of their true potential. Inspired by the creativity of Vinyasa Flow and the power of Astanga she combines grace, beauty and meditation with breath and heat to create a truly holistic practice.

Behind the design

She requested a simple logo with that still had a spiritual look to reflect her teaching style. The new moon is of great importance when it comes to yoga, representing new beginnings, calm and is connected to exhalation. Peak classes are on the full moon and new moon. Therefore, moon shapes are quite important and trendy in the yoga world, but the radiating beams adds a unique look to differentiate it from competitors.

Nuria is always wearing colorful clothes to her classes and has a very vibrant personality so to bring this into the brand I added a pink color to contrast with the black logo. The all pink look is different and not such a common color which makes it stand out and it creates a modern look.


nuria reed yoga, identity package, brand, pink, black, moon
nuria reed yoga, logo, yoga teacher, santa barbara, california, pink, moon